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Visiting school

For the first half-term at least, we will be continuing to keep face-to-face visits in school to a minimum.  

If you are a parent or carer and need to visit to speak with one of us, please ensure that you make an appointment via the school office 

At the current time, we are unable to facilitate impromptu meetings unless it is an emergency.  For most queries, we would be grateful for you to telephone or email us.  

When you arrive for a meeting, we will ask you to sign in and to give us contact details that we may use for 'Test and Trace' procedures if necessary.  

All meetings will be held in well-ventilated rooms where you can maintain social distancing.  You are encouraged to wear a face covering whilst on-site.  There is a designated bin in the Reception area for you to dispose of face coverings.  

You can read our COVID-19 Visitor Information by clicking here.  

You can read our COVID-19 Visitor Risk Assessment by clicking here.