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Enrolling at the School


BRandH Academy Admissions Policy 2020-21

BRandH Academy Admissions Policy 2019-20

BRandH Academy Admissions Policy 2018-19

Admission Appeal Timetable 2019-20

September 2019

For children who will be four on or before 31st August 2018, you will receive a brochure and school details for the schools in your local authority.  If you live in a neighbouring authority this does not exclude you from nominating one of our schools as your school of preference but you must still apply using your local authority website. 

To help you choose, we hold Open Days during the Autumn Term.  These open days are specifically for parents who do not know the school and are wanting to make a preliminary visit before deciding on the school of their choice. It does not affect the application process at all. 

If you are unable to attend the Open Days, please contact the schools directly.  We will be happy to meet with you and to show you around.  

The open day for September 2019 intake is on Tuesday, 16th October 2018.  Times will be advertised closer to the date.  


Please follow precisely the guidance in the booklet provided by the Local Authority. Your application is acknowledged by email. 

September 2018/In year applications:

There are currently 10 spaces in Key Stage 1.  We do also have limited spaces in KS2. 

Darlington School Admissions are an excellent source of expert advice.  They can be contacted on 01325 405907 or by visiting

If you are interested in a space in our school, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01325 300326  or by email at