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Phonics Information

Phonics and the teaching of reading begin early in the Reception Year.  The school has introduced the 'Read, Write Inc.' programme throughout Reception and into Key Stage 1 to support the teaching of reading and spelling.  

There is a dedicated daily Phonics lesson for all children in FS/KS1.  The skills taught in these lessons are then followed up during the rest of the school day.  

The children are regularly assessed and grouped to ensure that maximum progress can be made.

Most children will have completed the Read, Write Inc programme by the end of Year 1.

In Year 2, they then apply and develop the skills that they have acquired for reading in spelling through the 'Read, Write Inc. Spelling' programme.  

Information and tutorial videos to help parents support their children at home are available at: Read, Write Inc. Phonics - Support for Parents

We would be very grateful if you could ensure that you work through the programme alongside us.  School staff will direct you to the appropriate tutorials in Home Books and Learning Logs.  

Please note that although we do follow the handwriting modules, the schools do not use the 'Writing' element of the programme.  

Useful links to games and activities that we use in school can be found on the Phonics Games page or by clicking here:  Phonics Games/Useful Links

Please also see the 'Reading' page for information about other ways in which your child's reading skills are developed.  

The Phonics Leader is always happy to discuss the programmes that we use with you. 

Our Phonics Leader is Miss K Timmins

Your child's class teacher will be happy to discuss their progress.  

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

At the end of Year 1 (usually during the third week in June), children in Year 1 are required to take part in the Phonics Screening Check.  

Information for parents can be found here : Phonics Screening Check Parents Tutorial

A month prior, a letter will come out to parents with further information about the arrangements for this year's Check and how you can support your child.  

If you require any further information or guidance, please contact the Phonics Leaders.  

Children who do not pass the Check during Year 1 are able to take it again in Year 2.