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Supporting children with allergies

There are increasing numbers of children presenting with allergies and intolerances in school and we appreciate how worrying this is for their families. We are keen to work with parents and carers to ensure that we have the best practice procedures in place in case of an emergency and also so that all children are able to fully participate in school life.  

Please click here to read the latest version of our 'Supporting Children with Medical Conditions' policy.  

Please click here to read our 'Supporting Pupils with Allergies' information leaflet.  This is shared with all staff.  

Key personnel:

Miss Kate Timmins (SEN Coordinator)

Mrs Tracie Harker (Catering manager)

Your child's class teacher

If you would like to speak to any of these members of staff, please contact the main school office to arrange an appointment.  

Key information:

The following staff are able to administer non-emergency medication:

Mrs E Roberts                         Mrs A Gatiss                       Miss E Gatiss

It is expected that all staff members, when noticing potential anaphylaxis, will act quickly to administer emergency medication for the purpose of saving a life - this is in accordance with the Human Medicines Regulation 2012.  

Food allergies/intolerances:

Food allergies occur when food is eaten or, in some cases, even when it contacts with the skin.  If your child/children suffer from food allergies or intolerances, we will work with you to ensure that risks are managed and they are supported to fully participate in school life.  

Parents and carers can help us with this by ensuring that you provide us with a written list of any foods that your child may have an adverse reaction to and ensuring that information regarding your child's allergy/intolerance and/or care is regularly and clearly communicated directly to their key adult in school (usually their class teacher). 

Throughout the year, it is likely that all classes will take part in an activity or event which includes food.  For example, the Friends of the School run a monthly 'Bake a Cake' day and, at Christmas time, food will be served at the parties.  Please click here for sample party food lists.

To discuss how your child will be supported to take part in these activities, please contact their class teacher.  

There may, of course also be curriculum activities which involve handling or tasting food.  On these occasions, your child's class teacher will contact you at least one week beforehand to agree with you how your child will be supported to participate.