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Worship with Michael from Children's Ministry

Today, we were joined in Worship by Michael.  Michael is a chicken farmer from Kenya.  He also works for two charities - Children's Ministry Worldwide and Wheels for the World.  Wheels for the World is a charity which raises money to purchase wheelchairs and other walking aids to support children in countries where those who are disabled are considered 'cursed' and shunned by their communities.  Michael works with these children and their families to help them to understand that God has, in fact, not 'cast them out' - that the bible shows that God loves everyone.  

This afternoon, Michael shared with us photos and stories of his life in Kenya and where he finds his Faith in God despite the hardships that he and his family may face. He reminded us to be grateful for what we have, rather than to be envious of others.  He introduced us to a fantastic Kenyan song of praise too.  Click here to play it.