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Class 6L's weekly news

Week ending 14th December 2018

What a penultimate week!  We are still experimenting with watercolours in art and in DT we have begun to look at using simple levers in pop-out cards. We have drafted and redrafted an ending paragraphing for our 'Marshmallow' story working hard to link this with the opening.  In maths we have  looked at using rounding to estimate addition and subtraction calculations and we have reviewed our place value and number learning (that means we have had a test!).


Week ending 7th December 2018

As ever, a very busy week in Class 6L including decorating day and a visit from Chris Connaughton.  This week in English, we have drafted and redrafted a further paragraph for our 'Marshmallow' story and in maths we have used sum and difference bar models and comparison bar models to solve problems.  In Science, we have investigated further how light travels and then we have labelled the parts of the eye and explained their function using cause and effect devices.


In art,  we have used different pencil techniques to draw a Christmas tree and we are using watercolours to create artwork inspired by  Wassily Kandinsky.  Finally in RE, we are continuing our topic on 'Incarnation' by thinking about the different qualities that people need to help in different situations.  

Well done


Well done week ending 14th December 2018 

Thank you Henry for collecting the well done on behalf of all Class 6L this week.  Well done to all the boys and girls in class 6L on an amazing term.  You have all made progress in reading, writing science and maths and have developed skills in art, DT, history and geography and much more.  


Well done week ending 7th December 2018

A huge well done and thank you to Elizabeth for demonstrating the use of watercolour in art this week.  Well done to Harry for explaining how you solve subtraction calculation mentally.  You are both GREAT teachers. 

Well done all Class 6L on another brilliant week!



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