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Class 5S

Monday 14th January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and that you're ready for all the excitement the Spring Term has to offer! 

In English, we are moving onto a new unit focusing on Tales of Defeating the Monster, specifically looking at the mythical story of Hercules. We will be doing lots of work on the story in the run up to the children writing their own story of defeating the monster just before half term. 

In Maths, we are now working on Multiplication and Division, including the methods for each and building on the children's prior knowledge. We will be looking at multiplying by 3, 4 and 8 as well as 2, 5 and 10, which the children worked on in Key Stage 1. We will be doing lots of problem solving to apply the skills we're learning! 

In Reading Carousel, we are now focusing on the skill of deduction when reading. The children will be learning that deductive looks very similar to the word 'detective' and that's how they have to act in order to be able to answer deductive questions where they have to use the information in a text to work out an answer! 

In Science this half term we are looking at Electricity! We'll be doing lots of practical work, building circuits and testing materials, looking at conductors, insulators and finding out about symbols used when drawing diagrams of circuits. 

In RE, we are looking at the Big Question of 'What is it like to follow God?' and we will be talking about our focus Christian value for this half term, 'Courage'. We've already talked about our fears, facing them, and stepping out of our comfort zone! 

We continue to look at the Romans in History which the children are so engaged in. 

In PE, the children will be working with Mrs. Kirkley on Net and Wall Games.

In Music, the children will be working with Mrs. Stockley on the unit, 'Let Your Spirit Fly'. 

In Computing, children are looking at using Databases. 

In PSHE, we are looking at Keeping Safe and Being Healthy.

PE continues to be on a Thursday afternoon and children should bring their PE kits with them to school on a Thursday to change into after lunch. 

Homework is given out on a Monday and handed in on a Thursday. Spellings are also given out on a Monday and will be tested on Thursdays.

Reading books must be handed in on a Monday to be changed after school. Please ensure you sign your child's Reading Record so that we know they have read their book.


Wednesday 5th December 2018 - Roman Day!


Today, we had a team from Durham University in school to deliver a Roman Day for the whole of Lower Key Stage 2! It's been a fantastic day full of looking at some real and replica Roman artefacts, making Mosaic designs and taking part in drama depicting the fall of the Roman Empire! The day really brought the children's history topic to life. 


Tuesday 20th November 2018

The children are currently working on 'Adventure at Sandy Cove' by Pie Corbett. The children have been doing lots of work on describing villains and other characters, as well as setting description. We are working towards the children writing their own versions of 'Adventure at Sandy Cove', inspired by the existing one! 

In Maths, we are continuing with our work on Addition, in particular the column method involving regrouping the 'Ones' and 'Tens' columns using Place Value counters, moving onto the written method. 

In RE, we are continuing our work on what Christians can learn from the Creation Story whilst including some work on the Christmas story as we approach this special time of the year! 

In Science we will be moving onto looking at the skeletons of animals and their muscles, as well as looking at human skeletons and naming some of the main bones, whilst understanding their functions in our bodies. 

Our History work based around the Romans is continuing and I hope the children are very much looking forward to our Roman Day! Our Art work is linking to this work, focusing on Mosaics. 

PE continues to be on a Thursday afternoon - children will need to bring their kit to change into in school at lunchtime. 

Homework is due on Thursdays and spelling tests will also take place on Thursdays too. 


Thursday 4th October 2018

Thursday 4th October was National Poetry Day! We enjoyed taking part in a Live Lesson with BBC Live Lessons featuring real life poets and a CBBC Presenter. We looked at similes, metaphors and alliteration! Schools from all over the country took part.


In English we are going to be continuing our poetry work on 'We plough the fields and scatter', looking at the key parts of Reciprocal Reading, running up to writing our own poem based on this.

In Maths, we are continuing our work on Number and Place Value.

In Science, we will be looking at what makes a balanced diet and looking at healthy meals.

In RE we will be continuing our work looking at what Christians learn from the Creation story and looking at the Christian value of 'Compassion'.

PE is Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Kirkley. Please bring kits in bags to change into just before lunchtime. 

Homework is due for Thursday as normal and we'll also do our Spelling test then.


Also, here is the Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum Newsletter: