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Class 5W

January 2020




A happy new year to you all!  Thank you ever so much for all of your well wishes over Christmas and it was lovely to see so many of you at our Carol Service.  

English - we are currently looking at the genre of 'issues and dilemmas'.  We have read The Balaclava Story and our work over the next few weeks will be based around this.

Maths - we have started multiplication and division.  A big focus at the minute is trying to get the children to feel confident with their times tables.  We have talked about methods we can use to help us, for example, to find the 9th multiple of 8, I encourage the children to think about the 10th multiple which is nice and easy and then take one lot of 8 away.  If you could continue to encourage the children to spend time on Times Table Rockstars - little and often -  this is a great support to what we do in school.

Science - our current topic is Forces and Magnets and we have already discussed the forces of pushing and pulling related to sports and everyday movements.

History - we are continuing our work on WW2.  The children have been absolutely enthralled by this it has been fantastic.  Just before Christmas we had a visit from local historian John Clare who had the children completely hooked with his story telling.  This week we have been looking at statistics on evacuee numbers and how these numbers varied at different points of the war.  The children came up with some very thoughtful questions about life at that time based on this information.

Art - we are taking inspiration from the artist Georgia O'Keefe for our work this half-term.

RE - we have moved on from incarnation and are now looking at 'Gospel' - good news - thinking about the sort of world that Jesus would have wanted and how his actions were an example to others.

PE - our day for PE is now a Wednesday.  I appreciate the children coming into school in their PE kits, it save us so much time and means the children spend more of their time in the lesson.

Computing - we will be looking at computers and the internet this half-term, the children did some great work on using email last term.