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Reception Christmas Open Day

We welcomed the Reception Children and their parents into Class 1 and Class 2, for a glittery, craft session followed by our magnificent performance of Christmas Counts. It was a lovely day and enjoyed by all. 


Chris Connaughton

We were joined in Class 2 by Chris Connaughton, a children's author and storyteller. We were mesmerised by his version of Hansel and Gretel. He spoke to us a lot about developing a character. We then used his W-A-V-E(walking, action, voice and emotion) technique to become either Hansel or Gretel, lost in the woods.  




Class 2have had great fun making their own hand puppets. We have sewn two pieces of fabric together and used glue to decorate the puppet. I think you will agree they are fabulous


Class 2

September 2018

Welcome to Class 2.

 We looked carefully in the mirrors and drew our self portraits. Can you spot yourself?


                                                                                                                                                                                 The Reception children have been enjoying being pirates. They have used the wonderful map Liam created at home to make and create their own maps. We can't wait to hear what adventures they get up to next.

Where The Wild Things Are

Class 2 have enjoyed reading the book' Where the Wild Things Are.' All the children created their own Wild Thing using paint and collage materials. We then stuck them on the wall to create a 'wild rumpus. The Year 1 children then used some wonderful adjectives to describe their creature.