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Vision and Values

The mission for our Church of England Academy is founded in our belief that “life in all its fullness” (John10:10) is everybody’s right, but with this right comes responsibility and that is enshrined in our vision for the future.

The Academy celebrates each person's achievements and his or her passions.  God recognises individuality and this is an example for us all to follow.  The Academy caters for the whole child, challenges each and every child's thinking, whilst developing an insatiable desire to enquire.  A nurturing and vibrant environment necessitates the very best teaching to equip the children with the enduring skills needed to be a life long learner.  

There will be greater emphasis on children's accountability to themselves, each other and adults.  We accept that spiritual, social and emotional needs will need guidance from informed, empathetic adults and from Jesus' teaching in the gospels. 

Children will increasingly control the curriculum content through their interests, local, national or international events.  They will be taught how to safely access and critically examine the information using traditional sources and every available form of technology.  

Successful, enthused learners will be equipped to explore and experience the wider world as part of their journey to adulthood within an eternal perspective.  

Revised Sept 2017